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Commercial Office

  • Vero Capital - HVAC design and consulting services for new office renovation in midtown Manhattan.
    [Architect: Resistance Design]
  • FEGS Ward Island - HVAC design and consulting services for office renovation in NYC.
  • Guilford Press Server room - HVAC troubleshooting for server room at Guilford Press.
  • Atlantic Avenue boiler replacement - mechanical and plumbing design and consulting services for replacement of existing space and domestic water heating systems. This included new radiators, gas-fired condensing boilers and indirect water heaters.
  • Lower Manhattan Office peer-review (name/address withheld for privacy) - Peer review and Value Engineering for LEED-CI Gold office renovation in Lower Manhattan. Successfully reduced scope to stay within the construction budget, while achieving LEED CI Gold.

Residential (names/addresses withheld for privacy)

  • Tenafly house expansion - HVAC design and consulting services for new all-glass conservatory and fitness room expansion to existing single family house in Tenafly, NJ.
  • Brooklyn brownstone conversion - MEPFP design and consulting services for conversion and alteration of existing brownstone in Brooklyn into individual apartments. This included individual electric tankless water heaters for each apartment.
  • Briarcliff Manor house renovation - MEP design and consulting services for modification made by the new owner of a single family house in Briarcliff Manor, NY. This included a new quiet non-condensing gas-fired boiler with indirect water heaters sized to fill a new 100-gallon soaking tub.
    [Architect: Ronald Evitts]
  • 93 Nevins/453 Pacific - mechanical and plumbing troubleshooting and design for new adjacent green townhomes in Brooklyn, designed to meet LEED 2.0 Residential requirements. This included coordinating the interaction of solar thermal, photovoltaics, air-to-air energy recovery, in-floor radiant heating and gas absorption heat pumps.
  • Brooklyn apartment troubleshooting - HVAC troubleshooting for recent apartment renovation in Brooklyn. Included review of air-conditioning, kitchen exhaust and laundry exhaust systems.
    [Architect: Resistance Design]
  • Downtown Manhattan apartment troubleshooting - HVAC troubleshooting for residential apartment renovation in Manhattan. Included pressure balance and water heater exhaust investigations.
  • Upper West Side apartment - MEPFP design and consulting services for the consolidation of two apartments in Manhattan.
    [Architect: Resistance Design]
  • Upper East Side brownstone troubleshooting - MEP troubleshooting for brownstone renovation in NYC.
  • Upper East Side apartment troubleshooting -Troubleshooting of existing HVAC systems in multi-story apartment in Manhattan. This included computerized central controls and a chilled water AC system.

Hotel/Hospitality/Event Space

  • Hampton Inn Jericho/Westbury - HVAC for hotel expansion and renovation, including a swimming pool dehumidification system, dining room HVAC system, toilet exhausts and corridor make-up air systems.


  • Chatham Township Fire House - MEP design and consulting services for Southern Boulevard Station 2, a new 2-bay auxiliary fire house in Chatham, NJ. Included gas-fired condensing boilers, gas-fired condensing water heaters, upgraded electrical service, a high-efficiency multi-zone air-conditioning system, oil fired generator, vehicle exhaust system.

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Copyright©2016 All Rights Reserved.